Elie Douna

Entrepreneur and Property Developer

Wollongong, Australia based entrepreneur and property developer. Director of Douna Group, a property development company that specialises in residential and commercial projects.

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Illawarra Offshore Wind Farm

Why I'm Supporting the Illawarra Offshore Wind Project

Oct 16, 2023

It has been contentious, but after considering it i'm in full support of the new offshore wind project.

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entrepreneur mag profile

Profile in Entrepreneur Magazine

Oct 5, 2023

Charbel and I were recently profiled in Entrepreneur Magazine.

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property collapse

The Shaky Ground of Property Development: A Look at Recent Collapses

Aug 11, 2023

Property development industry is experience a bad time with many companies and projects in collapse.

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Property sales contract

Tips on Reading a Property Development Sales Contract

Jul 27, 2023

Taking a look at some tips on how to read a propery development sales contract.

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Elie and Charbel Douna

Why we started SWAG Illawarra - A Journey of Faith and Compassion

Jul 19, 2023

Some insight into why we chose to start SWAG in Wollongong and some thoughts on our mission.

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property construction

Financing Property Deals - A Casual Guide to Navigating the Real Estate Jungle

Jul 17, 2023

Today we go over some tips on how to finance property deals.

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Recent Projects

Here are some of my recent projects


SWAG Illawarra

Charity organization based in Wollongong that feeds the homeless and less fortunate.